Visitor Rentals

The following items are available for rental near both Zoo entrances:

Proud wagon sponsor:
Yark Auto sponsor

Wagon – $11.00

Wagon image

Stroller – $7.00

Stroller image

Double-wide Stroller – $11.00

Double-wide Stroller image

*Wheelchair $12.00
(see policies below)

Wheelchair image

*Motorized Scooter
(see prices & policies below)

Stroller image

Wheelchair / Scooter rental policy

*A valid ID is required to rent a wheelchair or scooter. Hours of operation may vary due to season and weather. Motorized scooters must be rented by the user or a legally responsible party. All scooter riders must be 16 years of older unless special conditions apply. Scooters are provided for visitors with special needs and are not intended for recreational use. Scooter availability is limited and scooters are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Scooter rental rates:

Seniors (60+): $25.00
Zoo Members: $30.00
Non-members: $35.00
Please note: Rentals are provided and maintained by Scooter Bug™. Prices are subject to change.

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