ZOOTeen Volunteers

Program Description

The ZOOTeen program offers volunteer opportunities to students between the ages of 13 and 17 who have a strong interest in education, animal science and conservation. It is a seasonal/year-round program that offers youth a range of opportunities.

• Host education activity stations covering a variety of animal topics
• Facilitate and support live animal encounters in the Aquarium and Nature’s Neighborhood
• Use biofacts (hides, bones, etc) to educate visitors about our animals and exhibits
• Assist with Summer Camp programs
• Participate in a variety of off-grounds community service and conservation projects
• Make enrichment for the animals, provide clerical support, and other activities as needed


• Successfully complete required trainings, including orientation and hands on sessions
• Volunteer at least 60 hours before October 31
• Attend at least 1 ZOOTeen meeting between May and October.
• Participate in at least 1 community service or conservation project through the ZOOTeen program.
• Follow Zoo uniform dress code policies.
• Ability to complete activities independently, have a positive attitude, and to engage in a team environment.

The ZOOTeen program strives to work with individuals of all abilities. If you think you may need any accommodations, please contact our office so we can discuss reasonable accommodations.

Program Fee

The ZOOTeen program requires an annual fee of $50 to cover the initial expenses of the program, including ZOOTeen shirts, training materials, name tag, etc. This fee is payable upon acceptance into the ZOOTeen program, and is not required at the time of application. Scholarships are available to cover the program fee. Please contact the Volunteer Manager for eligibility requirements.

Application Process

Information sessions for the 2018 season have concluded. Information for the 2019 program will be available in mid-December 2018. Please check back at that time or contact the Volunteer Department at volunteer@toledozoo.org to be put on a mailing list for next season.

Year-Round Program

Year-Round ZOOTeens can support all the seasonal opportunities; in addition they may:

• Handle live animals for the purpose of public education
• Serve in leadership positions on the ZOOTeen Executive Board and Committees
• Attend advanced training classes including leadership, zoology, and more
• Participate in advanced projects such as Zoo Snoozin’s, Humane Society and more

To apply for the year round program, Seasonal ZOOTeens must accrue at least 80 hours of service*, attend 2 ZOOTeen meetings and support at least 2 community service or conservation projects* (*these are increases from the minimum seasonal expectations).  Additional information about the year round program, including requirements and applications will be made throughout the season.


If you have any questions, please contact the Toledo Zoo Volunteer Department at (419)385-5721 ext. 2045 or volunteer@toledozoo.org

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