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Over 16,000 animals representing 680+ species!

In an effort to save endangered wildlife, we participate in more than 80 Species Survival Plans that ensure healthy, genetically diverse Zoo populations. Explore our most popular species below.

Animal Care


Our commissary department is responsible for ordering, preparing and distributing food.

In one month, our animals consume:
139 lbs. of eggs
1,420 lbs. of feline carnivore diet
1,567 bales of hay
1,980,000 crickets
1,990 lbs. of fruit
6,860 lbs. of veggies
553,000 meal worms


Our veterinary staff plays many roles in animal care, including preventative health, emergency care, diet assessment, geriatric care and neonatal medicine.

In one year, our vet staff performs:
1,100+ exams
897 fecal tests
400 blood tests
570 radiographs

Animal Welfare


Our enrichment provides guidelines for generating the best health readings for each of our residents species. Beyond that, it looks at each species and even individual animal's physical fitness, mental state and overall health.

Reusing & Recycling

Sometimes, old recyclable items can be used to keep our animals entertained and to bring out their natural behaviors such as hunting and playing. The Zoo will recycle many common items and place them in the exhibit.

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