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The popular spot for your tasty treats! Birdfeeder is perfect choice on a warm day for some soft serve ice cream, Dole Whip, fountain and frozen drinks! And pick up a snack, whether you’re in the mood savory or sweet!

All locations are subject to staffing availability and weather.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Chocolate, vanilla or twist

Waffle cone

Regular cone

Soft serve cup

Dole Whip cone

Rainbow sprinkles

Frozen Treats

Cookie dough sundae

Dole whip freeze

Lemon cream freeze

ICEE cream Freeze

Root Beer Float

Frozen Beverages

Coke, cherry, blue raspberry


Small Zoovenir Cup

Large Zoovenir Cup

Fun straw

Fountain Beverages

Small or large fountain

Small or large Zoovenir cup refill

Bottled Dasani water

Fun straw


Funnel cake sundae

Funnel cake

Hot pretzel with cheese



Cotton candy

Caramel corn

dietary legend
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