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Scout Programs

Scout Badge Programs

Fulfill your badge requirements while exploring the Toledo Zoo! You and your scouts will meet a live animal, tour part of the zoo with your zoo guide, and complete all the requirements needed for your badge.

Badges for Girl Scouts

Badges for Girl Scouts

Eco Learner and Rose Petal (both covered in one program)

Eco Friend and Bugs (both covered in one program) or Pets and Senses (both covered in one program)

Animal Habitats or Journey: Think like a Citizen Scientist

Animal Helper

Eco Explorer or Voice for the Animals

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Adventures for Cub Scouts

Adventures for Cub Scouts

Ready, Set, Grow, and Rumble in the Jungle (both covered in one program)

Tigers in the Wild and My Tiger Jungle (both covered in one program)

Howling at the Moon or Digging in the Past

Fur, Feathers, Ferns or Critter Care

Into the Wild

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Scouts BSA

Scouts BSA

Oceanography Merit Badge

Explore the Toledo Zoo with a trained scouts BSA merit badge counselor while completing the requirements for the oceanography badge. This three-hour session covers all of the requirements needed.

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