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Join the efforts

How You Can Help

Join our efforts to provide a healthier habitat for all.

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Buy sustainable palm oil products
Reduce, reuse and recycle tips
TerraCycle - dispose of unrecycleable items
Purchase sustainable seafood

Help Save Orangutans

The Problem

Without our help orangutans could be extinct in the wild within 10 years. Humans are part of the problem because palm oil is used in over 50% of all grocery store items, including peanut butter, snacks, beauty products, shampoo, makeup and more. As demand for palm oil increases, plantations expand causing orangutans to lose their homes and even their lives.

How you can make a difference

It’s almost impossible to completely avoid palm oil, however, you can ensure the products you’re purchasing are sustainably produced. Download a phone app where you can scan the barcode to view the company’s conservation status.

For more information, please visit:

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

To learn more about palm oil in products and how to shop sustainably, view our Sustainable Shopping guide below.

Reduce, reuse and recycle tips

Every little bit helps create a healthier habitat for all.

Ways to reduce waste:

  • Purchase long-term use items rather than disposable items.
  • Purchase products with environmentally responsible packaging.
  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with flourescent bulbs.
  • Recycle all possible items through your local curbside or drop-off services.
  • Donate unwanted yet still in good condition items to reputable charities. Check out for help.

Party for the Planet

Celebrate Mother Earth and learn all about recycling, reusing and conserving our world through educational displays and fun activities.
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Recycling Wish List

Reduce your carbon footprint:

Reuse old t-shirts for dusting

Use cloth napkins instead of paper

Unplug appliances when not in use

Drink from reusable coffee mugs

Use sponges and rags instead of paper towels

Use a refillable water bottle

Use lemon juice or baking soda instead of chemical cleaners

Use a broom instead of hose or blower to clean driveway

Power down computers overnight

Recycle the non-recyclables:

The Terracycle Program has gone through multiple changes in recent years. For an updated list of collection items, please contact the Volunteer Department at or 419-385-5721 ext. 2045.

Download the List

Public TerraCycle collection sponsored by First Solar

Seafood Watch Program

It's more than see food and eat it.

With demand for seafood growing, the ocean’s supply of fish is shrinking. Fortunately, there’s something we can all do to help stop this disappearing act.

Look for the Seafood Watch Guides to help you select seafood that’s plentiful and comes from environmentally responsible sources. Your wise choices will help protect the oceans – and keep fish in the picture.

Learn more about the Seafood Watch Program in the link below.

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