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Tembo Trail

Tread the Trail

This exhibit blends extraordinary elephant care with an array of visitor experiences. Included in this area is the Hippoquarium, which opened in 1986. Tembo Trail (formerly African Savanna) reopened in May 2012 and boasts nearly 9,000 sq ft. of indoor animal space and nearly 40,000 sq ft. of outdoor exhibit space. There were several green initiatives considered for this space, including utilizing salvaged materials, skylights, recycled concrete stone and natural plantings.



Loxodonta Africana

Nile Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus amphibious

Greater one-horned rhino

Rhinoceros unicornis

North American River Otter

Lontra canadensis

Dining and Merchandise

Polar Chill

Cold beverages and carnival snacks

Monarch Marketplace

Grab and go healthy eats

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