Tree Legacy

Tree Species and Locations

$8,000 Donation

Scotch Pine, Formal Garden

$5,000 Donation

Tri Color Beech, Formal Garden
Tulip Popular, Formal Garden
Golden Raintree, Africa!

$3,000 Donation

Bald Cypress, FormalGarden
American Beech, Formal Garden
Star Magnolia, Formal Garden
Serbian Spruce, Formal Garden
Saw-tooth Oak, Formal Garden
Paperbark Maple, Carnivore Café
Hedge Maple, Carnivore Café

$2,000 Donation

White Bark Magnolia, Formal Garden
Canadian Hemlock, Formal Garden
Black Tupelo, Formal Garden
Japanese Tree Lilac, Formal Garden

Questions? Please contact the Zoo’s development department at 419-385-5721, ext 2078.