Opening May 31


The Variety Of Life In The World

Main Level

  • Ohio: After the Ice

    Walk back in history through wild Ohio to when American Lions, Mastodons and other giants roamed the land.

  • Tropics

    Discover a two-story tropical oasis, complete with 30+ foot tall trees, bushes, orchids and much more.

  • Wetlands & Lakes

    Take an interactive nature walk through the variety of ecosystems that surround the Great Lakes.

  • Oak Forest

    See life from an ant’s perspective on the forest floor in this 24x larger than reality exhibit.

  • Rivers & Streams

    Explore our local waterways as you flip rocks and happen upon live animals that live in our own backyard.

  • Native Prairies

    Enjoy all the beneficial and beautiful native prairie plants and wildlife this living laboratory has to offer.

Upper Level

  • Komodo Dragon

    See the world’s largest and heaviest lizards and learn about their recently discovered potent venom!

  • Nature in Hand

    Study a unique collection of fossils, pelts, bones and more interactive artifacts that bring science to life in this room generously supported by Dorothy MacKenzie Price.

  • Venomous Snakes

    Venture into the world of venomous snakes from around the globe.

  • Hall of Venom

    Explore how venom evolved as a defense mechanism and method to capture prey in many different animals and how its range of effects are experienced by victims.

  • Arthropods

    Learn all about the largest group in the animal kingdom, invertebrates or animals lacking a backbone!

  • Mazza Gallery

    Delve into nature, animal and Zoo-themed art from children’s books in this new mini museum.

    Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow, Beth Krommes, HMH Books for Young Readers, 2006


The Museum of Science was originally built by the Works Progress Administration utilizing recycled local materials in the 1930s. It closed for renovations in 2017 and re-opened in 2019 as the ProMedica Museum of Natural History at the Toledo Zoo.

“This museum is a tangible link of how our animals and conservation efforts are interconnected throughout the world and spans of time.”

-Jeff Sailer, CEO/President, Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

Rental Space

The Great Hall

Dance (or party) with one foot in the past and one in the present in our new state-of-the-art event space. Accepting bookings now.

Sponsor & Give

With your support, the Zoo & its most recent renovation is sure to continue growing in blooms and beauty for years to come.

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Museum Professional Services

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  • Edge (Landscape Design)
  • Joe Swint, Swint Consulting Service LLC
  • Lerch Bates Inc.
  • Lewandowski Engineers
  • Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc.
  • TJP Engineering, Inc.
  • Vorndran & Associates Food Service Consultants, Inc.
  • Wadsworth Control Sytems
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Artists & Exhibit Design

  • Jeremy Link, Douglas Kampfer
  • and artists of Graphite Design + Build
  • Weigl Controls, Show Control for themed environments & attractions
  • 2Scale, Environments, Exhibits, Design
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