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ProMedica Museum Of Natural History

Biodiversity: The variety of life in the world

The Museum of Science opened May 29, 1938. This building boasts many handcrafted elements and local success stories, including slate slabs in the floor that were quarried from the bed of the Maumee River and polished to a sheen! This building was renovated and reopened in May 2019 as The ProMedica Museum of Natural History and include a two-story greenhouse, venomous animals, life-size models and much more!


Komodo dragon

Varanus komodoensis

King cobra

Ophiophagus hannah

Coconut crab

Birgus latro

Mangrove snake

Boiga dendrophila


Sturgeon Touch Tank

Explore this immersive experience and happen upon live animals that live in our own backyard.

Mazza Museum Gallery

Delve into nature, animal and Zoo-themed art from children’s books in this mini museum.

Great Hall

Dance (or party) with one foot in the past and one in the present at this state-of-the-art event space.

Relic Room

Located in the basement of the Museum, this open classroom is perfect for birthday parties and events.

Dining and Merchandise

Café at the Museum

Craft beers, coffee bar, sweet treats and small bites

Curio Shop

Unique specialty gift, books and Museum souvenirs

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