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Nature's Neighborhood

Let the kids explore a world built for their size!

The award-winning Nature’s Neighborhood opened in summer 2009 and is a naturalized nature play space for kids of all ages. Many children don’t have or take opportunities to connect with nature in our increasingly technological world. Nature’s Neighborhood is the perfect place to make those connections. Regardless of the season, there are plenty of imaginative opportunities in Nature’s Neighborhood.


Monarch butterfly

Danaus plexippus

Pied tamarin

Saguinus bicolor

Guinea pig

Cavia porcellus


Home Sweet Home

Play in our pet kitchen, meet and greet live animals and learn how to care for pets.

Bee Hive

Be a bee and watch a real hive in action!


Get hands-on learning about animal behaviors, diets and more!

Jumpin’ Junction

Let your imagination run wild with dress up clothes, puppets and more!

Outdoor Stage

An open, outdoor environment for guests of all ages to meet and greet many of the Zoo’s ambassador animals!

Stream and Beach

Get your feet wet, your hands in the sand, or both!

Treehouse and Climbing Wall

Let your kids make their own fun in our one-of-a-kind treehouse!

Butterfly Hut

See all the life stages of Monarch butterflies

These areas are seasonal and weather dependent.

Dining and Merchandise

Monarch Marketplace

Grab and go healthy eats

Curio Shop (at Museum)

Unique specialty gifts, books and Museum souvenirs

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